Delicious InstaPot Shredded Chicken Mole Nachos Recipe

Mexican Food with exotic taste! Just the name is not only mouthwatering but the taste is also tempting. Instapot Shredded Chicken Mole is one of the Mexican Cuisine with exotic taste and flavor. Your dinner menu remains incomplete without this dish. A dish with unique taste and the appearance is amazing. This simple recipe will • Read More »

Best Chinese InstaPot Chicken and Rice Recipe

A perfect Instant Pot Meal! Chinese Instant Pot chicken and rice is the perfect and quick meal for the weekend nights. The taste that you will never forget just due to the magical ingredients and yes we can’t forget our instant pot as well. It cooks the food so delicious with its slow and pressure • Read More »

Best InstaPot Yogurt Making Recipe

Yogurt in an instant Pot What? Is it kind of a joke? The answer is yes, we can make yogurt in an instant pot without any effort and the taste is beyond your expectations. This recipe is so easy and fool-proof. The homemade yogurt is substantially less zesty and unsweetened. One of the easiest and quickest • Read More »